Welcome to E.C.E.E!

 Who is C.E.C.E.E.A?

C.E.C.E.E.A is made up of 6 ECEE students, all of whom are at different points in the program. 

Each has different responsibilities and can be reached via the

C.E.C.E.E.A e-mail address. 

Administrative Coordinator: Holly Patterson
Coordinator of Internal Affairs: Kaitlyn Hellstrom
Coordinator of Events: Andrea Baptista
Coordinator of Finances: Tasha Andrews
Coordinator of Communications: Aryann Blondin
Coordinator of Academic Affairs: Alexandra Carriere

The Concordia Early Childhood and Elementary Education Association (C.E.C.E.E.A) is back and we are really excited share this brand new website, tailored to helping ECEE students navigate the program and its many requirements. 

Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about the program, suggestions about how to "finish in four" and other helpful links. 

Please feel free to contact us at concordia.ecee@gmail.com
 for any questions, concerns or suggestions!

Helpful Links:

Department of Education: http://doe.concordia.ca

Quebec Education Program (Pre-School & Elementary): 

E.C.E.E. Course Descriptions from the Concordia Undergraduate Calendar:

Counselling and Development at Concordia for personal and career counselling, writing assistance and workshops:

ECEE Documents 

*Note that you must follow the checklist of the year you started the program.

ECEE Plan of Study Checklist 2008-09.pdf ECEE Plan of Study Checklist 2008-09.pdf
Size : 67.754 Kb
Type : pdf
ECEE Program Requirement Checklist 2011-12.pdf ECEE Program Requirement Checklist 2011-12.pdf
Size : 123.111 Kb
Type : pdf
ECEE-Handbook-Winter-2011.pdf ECEE-Handbook-Winter-2011.pdf
Size : 2195.588 Kb
Type : pdf
internship-form-v01.pdf internship-form-v01.pdf
Size : 40.28 Kb
Type : pdf
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