1. Do we need CPR certification for stage?

No, it is not required. 

2. Do I need to complete a police check before I go on stage?

Yes. These are provided at the front office. For more information contact Sheri Bernier

Office: Front office of the Education Department LB-579


Phone: (514) - 848-2424 ext 2029

3. What language tests do I need to complete to teach in English?

- In your first year of E.C.E.E., you need to register for EDUC 200 (English Exam for Teacher Certification).

- This is not a class, and is not worth any credits, but it registers you for the English Exam for Teacher Certification.

- The exam is Pass/Fail and you must pass before going on your EDUC 493 internship and to teach in English.

For more information about the English Exam for Teacher Certification:

4. What language tests do I need to complete to teach in French?

To teach in French, either in an English school or in a French school, you must pass the French language exam provided by the individual school boards. 

There are two different possible French exams: - The TECFEE given by the CEFRANC - The SEL given by the TELUQ

As such, you would need to contact the school board you intend to apply to and find out what its French requirements are. 

Contact Information:

1. Who do I contact for help with course registration?

For help with course registration, please contact Sheri Bernier:

Office: Front office of the Education Department LB-579


Phone: (514) - 848-2424 ext 2029

2. Who do I contact for academic advice?

For academic advice, please contact the E.C.E.E. program director, Sara Weinberg:

Office: LB-545-4


Phone: 514-848-2424, Ext. 2024

3. Who do I contact about concerns for a particular course?

- For particular concerns about a course, please contact your instructor.

- Professors of the education department can be reached through First Class.

- You can also find their office hours, office phone numbers, and any alternate e-mail addresses on their course syllabi.

4. What is First Class and how do I get it?

First Class is an e-mail messaging system used by the Department of Education. Students should download First Class, and check it regularly for department notices, C.E.C.E.E.A notices, course materials and messages from professors.

Click on the link for more information and to download First Class:

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Courses and Schedules:

1. Are there any courses that are NOT mandatory for the program, but ARE mandatory to work in a CPE?

Yes. EDUC 406 (Educational Aspects of Physical Activity and Health and Wellness) is a group B course, and, therefore, not absolutely mandatory. However, to work in a CPE it is required.

2. Am I allowed to take more than one methods course at a time (i.e. Language Arts and Math)?

- Yes, you are allowed. However, it is not recommended.

- Methods classes (particularly Language Arts and Math), tend to be challenging and are very work intensive. 

- Methods classes also require you to achieve a C+ to pass. 

- As such, it is important that you know yourself as a student, and prioritize your schedule accordingly.

3. Am I allowed to take the first stage (EDUC 295/EDUC 296) in my first year?

Yes, you are allowed. However, it is advisable that you have completed at least one semester. Furthermore, priority for stage tends to be for students who have completed more credits.

4. Am I allowed to take more than one stage in one semester?

You may take EDUC 493/EDUC 494 and EDUC 495/EDUC 496 during the Winter Semester.

5. Is EDUC 395/EDUC 396 (Kindergarten Stage) offered in the Winter semester?

According to the 2013-2014 class schedule it is being offered in the Winter:

6. Are we responsible for finding our own stage placements:

For EDUC 297 (Observation Stage), you are responsible for finding your own placement. For the remaining stages, you may request a school, but your professor will contact the school to find out if it is able to host a stagiere.

7. If I am fluent in French, can I do a stage in French?

Yes you can, but you have to make sure to let Sara Weinberg know.

8. If I started in 2010, does EDUC 384 (Teaching Social Studies) count as a social studies elective? 

Yes, another 3 credits in Social Studies will fulfill the 6-credit Social Studies requirement. However, the total number of Group C Electives remains the same (18 credits in 2010/11)

9. If you began the program in Fall 2010:

A) Theo 355 is now called EDUC 355, and is still mandatory.

B) You only need to complete EDUC 386 and EDUC 387 (no third math if you don't want to).